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Where will you Explore? Traveling the world with a portable sound system has never been easier. Asia, Africa, Antarctica… the Explorer Pro has seen and done it all. Just stick it in a case, throw it on an airplane and off you go. Even in areas where AC power is not an option, the Explorer’s built-in battery continues to perform. One wireless microphone, two wireless microphones ? it’s up to you. So, where will you explore? Use the Explorer for schools, corporate events, and places of worship.

Explorer Pro Sound Systems

Microphones not included with individual sound systems.

EXP-7500 Explorer AC/DC Powered
EXP-7500U1 1 Wireless Receiver
EXP-7500U2 2 Wireless Receivers
EXP-7501 Unpowered Comp Spkr
EXP-7500AC Explorer AC Powered
EXP-7500U1AC 1 Wireless Receiver – AC Powered
EXP-7500U2AC 2 Wireless Receivers – AC Powered